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Past Bulletins

#40 - June 25th, 2013

Bulletin #20 | January 28th, 2014

“Determine never to be idle...It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.”
Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)

JFK will attend Recruitment Fairs

It might seem too soon; however we are already preparing for the coming school year 2014 – 2015.

Every year we aim to bring fully trained and qualified international teachers to our school. This is managed by a long process of advertising, skype-interviewing and finally attendance at Recruitment Fairs in both Canada and the US.

This week and next, some of our Principals are attending these fairs to select, interview and hire aspiring candidates who meet the high standards and expectations that help distinguish the JFK as a school of excellence.

Adrian Leece
Interim General Director

Professional Day- Friday, January 31

This Friday will be a nationwide professional day with no classes for children. We will be working on ways to integrate math in the curriculum, creating Second Step follow up lessons, and planning for our integrated project. We will see the students again on Tuesday, February 4rd. Enjoy the long weekend!

Valentine’s Day

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in kinder in two special ways. First, there will be a friendship book exchange on Friday the 14th (all students are encouraged to wear red this day). More information about the book exchange is coming soon from the Parents’ Association. We will also be working on a thematic unit of friendship in our special classes and will be displaying our work in the PS patio at dismissal on Friday the 14th.

Debra Cortney
Pre-School Principal

Valentines Day 2014

Dear Elementary School Parent and Students:
The graduation class of 2014 (G14) is planning this year Valentine's Day celebration, as it has been a school tradition for any years. By doing this we aim to celebrate friendship while having fun and building a strong sense of unity within the community.
In order to achieve these goals, we have created a system that includes the following regulations:

  • Students are required to enter a class Exchange (by generation) by buying an exchange package for their "secret friend" in order to buy more products.
  • The selection of "secret friends" will be done randomly by a computer. The Exchange package includes a cotton candy, chocolate kisses, and a lollipop.

  • Students may only send one product per friend, after entering the class exchange.
  • Students may send several products to their brothers and sisters, after entering the class exchange.
  • Serenades are only available to be sent to the class as a whole.
  • Sending products from "anonymous" is not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to spend more than $150 MXN on products.
If the students wishes to participate in this event, he/she should fill the order from located on the back of this document and turn it in on his/her teacher with the money no later than Monday February 3rd, 2014.
Thank you,
Students of G14.


Mark Dunn
Elementary School Principal

Attendance at Recruitment Fairs

This week, Miss Danielle and I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa International Recruitment Fair to find enthusiastic and passionate educators that can teach in our emerging IB Middle Years Program. We will, therefore, be away from school Wednesday (29), Thursday (30), and Friday (31). Ms. Josefina Cariño will be the acting principal during my absence, and Ms. Clarisa and Ms. Maribel will share responsibilities as the acting vice-principal if you have any urgent concerns. I will be in regular communication with them throughout our foreign recruitment until our return on Sunday, February 2nd.

Workshop, “What distances me from and what

brings me closer to you”

Sign-up for the February 11th family workshop, “What distances me from and what brings me closer to you” will continue over the next two weeks. Interested middle school families should contact our 6th and 7th grade counselor – Ms. Clarisa – at extension 1063 for further details and reservations. More information about the workshop can also be found on Edline.

Robert John Callahan
Middle School Principal

Interdisciplinary Trip to Nayarit

Always a pleasure to witness the combination of learning and fun. During the trip to Nayarit 12th grade students had the opportunity to share with their peers very emotional and funny moments and learned to work together collaboratively to achieve a common goal. Congratulations to all because they did a great job!


On Wednesday January 29th, students from our MUN Club will travel to Puebla to participate in as a delegation, at the American School of Puebla, representing our school. Their teachers Toby Williams, Felipe Reyes and Ana Luisa Medina will go with them. We wish them the best in their participation.

Professional Development

On Friday January 31st we will have our professional development day, a time when we prepare our teachers and staff for the best performance of our functions.
Remember this day students do not have classes.

School Closed

Just to remind you that on Monday, February 3rd is officially a day when classes are suspended. We return on Tuesday, February 4. Enjoy these days!

National Junior Honor Society and National

Honor Society

The NJHS and NHS are organizing a bike-athon in benefit of the Queretaro food bank. It will take place on Sunday, February 23rd at 8:00 am. The event consists on running, biking or walking around the school track. Every participant will have a sponsor that will pay for every lap they do. All the money we raise will be donated to the food bank. If you wish to participate send an email to Miss Veronica to  You can also participate as a sponsor of any student or by coming on February 23rd to support our participants. We invite you to be a part of this experience!

CAS, “Creativity, Action and Service”,

Is the heart of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.
Sharing our student’s knowledge has always been a fair way to thank for their opportunities.
Three years ago the idea of teaching English in the school Juan Pablo II, emerged. A group of enthusiastic students began the project for a year; today, the project has evolved thanks to the commitment and responsibility our students have shown. This year, they are working with 4°, 5° and 6° grade. Thank you teachers for your spectacular job. 

“What distances me from and what brings me

closer to you”

At the JFK we believe that learning how to work as a team is an important part of our students education. That the family unit is a good example of this. So it is important to strengthen communication and mutual support within families; in addition, to identifying possible conflicts in order to find solutions. We will repeat last year´s workshop “ What distances me from and what brings me closer to you”. In this workshop families will have the opportunity to obtain guidance and orientation as to how to maximize communication as well as family integration.
This year Middle School and High School will work together in order to offer this opportunity to more families. The workshop will take place February 11th, in the Middle School multipurpuse room, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. And will be given by M.T.G. Leticia Baranda and Dr. Cecilia Andrade Goytortúa. The cost is $400 pesos per family space is limited If you are intereste please contact:

Georgina Frias
High School Principal

Campaign of Gathering Electronic and Electrical

Appliances Waste

Did you know that...?
With great pleasure as a green school, we inform you that SINGREM has informed that we will have the container for collecting outdated drugs permanently so these toxic materials will be disposed properly.
We also notify you that the week of January 27-31 we will have back our campaign of gathering electronic and electrical appliances waste. Students can leave these materials in the mornings on their respective entrance to school. If you bring any device at dismissal time, please deposit it directly in the container located at the main entrance.
Thank you for your responsible participation in caring for our planet!

Luz Angela Arredondo M.
Enviromental Program Coordinator

Our pre-enrollment process will be held on the week of February 10th to the 14th. All the information regarding this process will be sent to your e-mail address on February 6th. In order to make this process easier, please make sure you don’t have any remaining debts with the school’s Library, Lab, Sports or the Cashier.

Ana Luisa Torres
Admissions and Student Records Coordinator

Play Brings Joy

Did you know that there is actual evolutionary and psychological evidence that human PLAY (that´s both kids AND adults) contributes a large part toward our success as a highly adaptable species? It supports our cognitive development and emotional well-being.
So then, why do we let the kids have all the fun?! It´s just as important for adults to PLAY as it is for children. And yet we dismiss it as unproductive, insignificant or even as a guilty pleasure.

PLAY brings joy. It:

  • Deepens relationships
  • Aids in problem solving
  • Boosts productivity
  • Feeds creativity
  • Increases happiness

So, this long weekend is a perfect chance to let go and remember what you loved to PLAY so much during your childhood.  Try it, modify it, share it with your family. 
And once you have rediscovered your “inner child” that has been given permission to PLAY… then BRING THAT INNER CHILD TO THE KERMESS on March 8th.  There, you´ll find your Kermess smile, where you and your family can PLAY together and have your best Kermess ever!

Virginia Watkins
Communications & Institutional Development Department

Defense Mechanisms of the Body: Fever

The organ that decides the body’s temperature and regulates it is the hypothalamus, a bundle of nerve heads in the center of the brain. The hypothalamus governs the temperature set-point of the body at 37°C, the body obeys and is in constant regulation of heat producing and liberating mechanisms to always hold that temperature.
With fever, the hypothalamus decides to raise the temperature set-point, like a heater, because it detects infectious and inflammatory activity in the body. Most bacteria and virus don’t survive high temperatures like 38.5°C or 40°C. The first thing that the hypothalamus does is it constricts the veins and arteries farthest away from the heart, that is why we feel cold and shiver in a fever because warm blood is taken away from arms and legs to be closer to heat producing organs at the core and kill what is causing the infections there.

Blood and organs keep getting hotter and all cooling mechanisms of the body are turned off, temperature rises to get to the thermostat set-point. The hypothalamus doesn’t reset the set-point or turn on cooling mechanisms until it detects the infection and inflammation has lowered. When we begin to sweat in a fever it means the hypothalamus has activated cooling mechanisms and considers the infection to be ending.

Fever is a defense mechanism of the body, it’s important to understand and team up with our body to always be healthy.

Dr. Javier Contreras Orozco
Depto. de Seguridad, Higiene y Salud